MultiversX (formerly Elrond) is a Layer 1 blockchain designed with speed, scalability, and security in mind. Decentralized via 3,000+ nodes, scalable through sharding, fast, secure & green.

What is MultiversX?

MultiversX is a distributed blockchain network for next-gen applications. It's the chain you should introduce your parents, friend, or cousin to if you don't want them to lose their funds by accidentally clicking the wrong link. It's where users can be just that: users. No worries about dealing with horrible interfaces, exorbitant fees, or downtime. A decentralized application layer, realized, now.

Why MultiversX?

For users: MultiversX is fast, cheap, safe, and offers best-in-class UX & UI as well as a compelling product suite for users. Ready for mass adoption by design.

For builders: MultiversX offers a hyper-flexible development environment, blockchain's most powerful VM, a relentless core team pushing innovation, and intuitive tools for builders to create quality products in record time. No compromises, no tradeoffs; world-class blockchain primitives with security, scalability, and decentralization enshrined.

For businesses: MultiversX provides a sophisticated ecosystem of tools catering for enterprises of all sizes, to enable future-proofing and sustainable growth. Adaptable to (almost) every use case, reliable, fast, efficient, and scalable.

For institutions: MultiversX enables fast, efficient, verifiable and auditable frameworks, ensuring scalability without compromising security and performance. Customizable & compliant infrastructure, built for the future.

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