Your questions, answered.

I'm new to MultiversX. Where do I start? Check out MultiversXand take a look at the MultiversX website. When you're ready, download the xPortal wallet.

I want to contribute. What do I do? Just do it. Check out Get Involved for some more pointers.

How do I apply for a grant? Simply apply via the dedicated application portal (the process takes around 10 minutes). Check out Grantsfor more information.

Where can I find open ecosystem bounties? You can find bounties on the our bounty portal. You can find Earning Opportunitiesopportunities and submit your contributions directly on the site.

Is xAlliance the Ambassador Program? xAlliance is the first of several initiatives empowering the community, catalyzing ecosystem growth and development. xAlliance and its members spearhead community initiatives, with grants and bounties for all community contributors. More complementary initiatives will launch soon, including the ambassador program focused on spreading the message and further bolstering community engagement.

My wallet got drained, what now? Nice try. The xPortal wallet comes with built-in 2FA, so you never have to worry about your funds.

🤔 Still have questions? Ask us anything, anytime.

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